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Madeleine in her Ivory Tower, ca. 1956

Do you tweet? Like instagram? Do you make videos? Are you an artist? An aspiring actor? Tell us. Better yet, show us, and the other readers! Throughout this guide there are suggestions for discussion questions, which can also prompt written responses and other kinds of engagement.

What are you moved to create and share? We’ve got some suggestions, but know you have ideas, too! We’ll highlight the best reader contributions on our website and social media here over the summer and into the Fall. You can send us material directly via email, or post to your social media site and let us know about it.

  • Design a new book jacket: The hardcover and the paperback have very different covers. What’s your vision?
  • Write a new ending: What happens next? Does Mr. Price relent and let Elizabeth stay? Do Elizabeth and Ben get together? Does Elizabeth go to New York with Valborg Andersen? Does it turn out that Aunt Harriet’s first love was Huntley Haskell and that’s why she’s suspicious of the theatre?
  • Create a pinterest board: of your group, questions, anything.
  • Make a video of a scene, or a condensed version of the book. (Hint: Who can do Nina?)
  • Make a video of a theatre or vocal exercise. According to her granddaughters, Madeleine would occasionally scare the family by suddenly launching into her vocal exercises!
  • Pick a scene from the book with lots of dialogue and rewrite and perform it the way it would be spoken now, especially using today’s slang.

Send us your creative responses via email (social (at), and we’ll post, blog, tweet, and share with others.

If you’re using social media, make sure to tag @madeleinelengle and #lengleJOL