The Other Dog

Touche L’Engle-Franklin is confused: Her mistress goes away for several days and then returns with another dog. But this dog doesn’t have a tail. She doesn’t have much hair. And she never has to go outside when it’s raining. What on earth could the family want with that inferior breed known as Baby?

Based on the true tale of her own poodle’s experience coping with a new baby in the house, Newbery-winning author Madeleine L’Engle gives this familiar domestic drama an utterly charming new twist. Tongue-in-cheek wit, endearing illustrations, and a revealing author’s note make this a publishing event to celebrate.

New edition coming in March 2018.

Genre: Younger readers

The Other Dog


“Funny, touching, and original, this oversize picture book is just the ticket for disgruntled siblings. Precocious pooch Touche expresses her feelings toward the new baby in the household in a way that any child can relate to and every adult will recognize…”
–Emilie Coulter, Amazon Reviews

“Readers raised on L’Engle’s thoughtful novels (A Wrinkle in Time) will discover a new side of the writer in this impish, tongue-in-cheek memoir… Any family with a cosseted dog and a new baby will feel this is written just for them.”
-Publishers Weekly, 2001

“A whimsical look at sibling rivalry from a canine point of view. When her mistress brings home a new baby girl, the resident dog, a stylish and articulate poodle, experiences several stages of adjustment (disbelief, disdain, acceptance, and finally affection)… The high-spirited, lolloping text is perfectly complemented by the illustrations and overall design.”
-Starr LaTronica for School Library Journal