And Both Were Young

Flip feels like a prisoner when she first arrives at boarding school in Switzerland; her days are strictly scheduled and she never has a minute to herself. She’s constantly surrounded by girls who never stop talking about clothes and boys, making Flip feel lonely, clumsy, and awkward. Then she finds a true friend in Paul. He understands her in a way that no one at school does, and she breaks the rules to spend time with him. But as the two become closer, Flip learns that Paul has a mystery in his past. To help him discover the truth, she must put herself in serious danger.

This new edition of one of Madeleine L’Engle’s earliest works features an introduction by the author’s granddaughter, the writer Léna Roy.

Originally published in 1949.

Genre: Middle grade

And Both Were Young

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“This is an eternally sweet and moving book. Like so many of L’Engle’s books, I turn to this one when I want to be reminded that the world and the people in it can be beautiful despite the darkness.”
-Angie, Angieville, 2010

“A Swiss boarding school story with an authentic ring, and the heroine an American girl, thrust into the school unwillingly, and learning to love it. The strict German fraulein, the understanding French art teacher, the girls of different nationalities, the forbidden friendship with the headmistress’ nephew, all provide a varied pattern for a well-written story.”
-Kirkus Reviews, 1949


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