The Other Side of the Sun

A young British bride is caught up in her new family’s complicated history in this atmospheric novel set in the American South after the Civil War.

When nineteen-year-old Stella marries Theron Renier, she has no idea what kind of clan she’s joined. Soon after their arrival at Illyria, the Reniers’ rambling beachside home, Theron is sent on a diplomatic mission, leaving Stella alone with his family.

As she tries to settle into her new life, Stella quickly discovers that the Reniers are not what they seem. Trapped in a world unlike anything she’s ever known, vulnerable Stella attempts to uncover her new family’s dangerous secrets—and stirs up a darkness that was meant to stay buried.

Originally published in 1971.

Genre: Adult fiction

The Other Side of the Sun


“L’Engle’s depth of understanding of love is remarkable. With her gift of writing she has helped the reader to examine the wonders and terrors of love.”
-Rebecca S. Anderson, Amazon, 2017

“A phenomenal book about faith and southern American history. L’Engle pulls out all the stops in this masterpiece…”
-Peggy, Goodreads, 2017

“Summer on the 1910 South Carolina coast. While her new husband is on a secret government mission a young English bride is sent to live with his family. Lots of race issues, lots of humidity and heat, lots of secrets, lots and lots of atmosphere.”
-Bayneeta, Goodreads, 2012

“This book was amazing. I read it years ago and it stuck with me. I love all her work, but some books stand out. This is one.”
-Jessie, Goodreads, 2013