The Irrational Season

The Irrational Season follows the liturgical year from one Advent to the next, with L’Engle reflecting on the changing seasons in her own life as a writer, wife, mother, and global citizen. Unafraid to discuss controversial topics and address challenging questions, L’Engle writes from the heart in this compelling chronicle of her spiritual quest to renew and refresh her faith in an ever-changing world and her ever-changing personhood.

Originally published in 1977.

Genre: Memoir

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The Irrational Season


“A beautiful, honest look into the challenges, failures, and joys of being a Christian.”
-Emily Havener, Amazon customer review, 2016

“L’Engle writes a spiritual journal of sorts, based on the seasons of the church year. Her book contains many spiritual nuggets on the Eucharist, the incarnation, various theological reflections and thoughts on the interrelationships between people. It also contains several reflections on the process of writing. Well worth reading.”
-David, Goodreads, 2013

“Madeleine seems to leave no subject unturned or off limits. In the span of one chapter, she schooled me in topics from suffering to the church—even theological questions based in science and higher Math as it relates to her faith. A few paragraphs later, she espoused the joy and agony of the writing process, then brought me back to my fundamental beliefs that my art and my faith are indelibly intertwined.”
-Sarah Caldwell, She Loves Me Magazine, 2016


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